Broc en Stock is the first game that a friend and I made using Unity 4.x (so a while ago). I've imported the files in Unity 5.4 and decided to upload it on itchio.

This game looks a lot like a whac-a-mole but instead of hitting moles, you burn broccoli.

How To

Although the menus are in french, there's nothing hard to understand :p. Each burner is controlled by a single input button, and press them at the right time, on the right broco :p (you should avoid the glitchy one)

There are some trouble with the inputs :

  • You should play with a xbox controller (using arrows and buttons)
  • If you don't have a controller, the keys are zqsd and arrows which is not covenient for english keyboard sorry).
  • If you use your keyboard, use zsqd to navigate the menus and the down arrow to validate

I won't update this game, but please share your highest score (13258 for me)

The score display can break, but at the end of your game you will have your true score.

The Authors

Assets made by : The kinograph

Code and Unity Integration : Marc GIraud-telme

Final word

We made this a game the year before I joined the 42 computing scool in Paris, so if you check the source code, please don't be too hard on me :p

Made withUnity

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